My final opinion regarding this Article, and the final decision of why a Change is needed:

My final opinion regarding this Article, and the final decision of why a Change is needed:

House GOP Says It’s Too Late To Pass An Unemployment Extension

No decisions can be made since December regarding the Unemployment Extension that the American People have taken out of their paychecks. An amount Deducted from your payroll check’s for Years while you are Employed. Then when you need it! It’s only for 26 weeks! Then you’re at the mercy of The United States House of Representatives to Extend your Unemployment.

Meanwhile you’re printing/sending resume/applications out, and applying for position’s online. Needing Gas/transportation money to go to job fairs, interviews, networking, cell phone or a phone. Then your family cut back’s ritual routine. I only have enough money to pay the rent and what’s necessary.

Then the Politicians can not make a Morale decision while Two Million or More American People/Families are suffering.

There are currently 435 plus 6 non-voting member in the United States House of Representatives. At the time of this writing, the political groups are as follows:
255 Democratic Party members 
178 Republican Party members (two vacancies)

For those of us who is suffering, watched our friends/family who are suffering, or had to give a helping hand to the suffering.

Remember this Election time! Protect our Future, Children, Friends, and Family on Election Day!

Vote for someone new/a change!

So, WE THE PEOPLE will not suffer or have to question our United States House of Representative’s Intent/Morales.

If they can do this to Unemployment! Imagine what can be done to Social Security Benefits! Horrible to think about, but not impossible!




JANUARY 2, 2014:
District of Columbia – Primary Filing Deadline

JANUARY 14, 2014:
Florida – Congress CD-13 – Special Primary Election

JANUARY 25, 2014:
West Virginia – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

JANUARY 28, 2014:
Kentucky – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

FEBRUARY 4, 2014:
New Mexico – Filing Deadline (Federal/Statewide Races – Major Party Candidates)

FEBRUARY 5, 2014:
Ohio – Filing Deadline (Partisan Candidates)

FEBRUARY 7, 2013:
Alabama – Filing Deadline (Party Candidates) 
Indiana – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

FEBRUARY 25, 2014:
Maryland – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

FEBRUARY 28, 2014:
North Carolina – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

MARCH 1, 2014:
Arkansas – Filing Deadline (Party, Independent & Write-In Candidates)
Mississippi – Filing Deadline
Nebraska – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

MARCH 4, 2014:
Texas – Primary Election

MARCH 7, 2014:
California – Filing Deadline

MARCH 10, 2014:
Montana – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

MARCH 11, 2014:
Florida – Congress CD-13 – Special General Election
New Mexico – Filing Deadline (State District Races – Major Party Candidates)
Oregon – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)
Pennsylvania – Filing Deadline (D/R)

MARCH 14, 2014:
Idaho – Filing Deadline

Iowa – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)
Nevada – Filing Deadline

MARCH 15, 2014:
Maine – Filing Deadline (D/R/Greens)

MARCH 18, 2014:
Illinois – Primary Election

MARCH 20, 2014:
Utah – Filing Deadline

MARCH 25, 2014:
Missouri – Filing Deadline (D/R/Libertarian)
South Dakota – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

MARCH 27, 2014:
Virginia – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

MARCH 30, 2014:
South Carolina – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

MARCH 31, 2014:
Colorado – Primary Filing Deadline (All Parties & Write-Ins)

Georgia – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)
North Dakota – D/R Nominating Conventions

APRIL 1, 2014:
District of Columbia – Primary Election

APRIL 3, 2014:
Tennessee – Filing Deadline

APRIL 7, 2014:
North Dakota – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

APRIL 11, 2014:
New Jersey – Primary Filing Deadline
Oklahoma – Filing Deadline

APRIL 22, 2014:
Michigan – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

APRIL 24, 2014:
New York – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

APRIL 29, 2014:
South Dakota – Filing Deadline (Independents)

Utah – GOP Nominating Convention

MAY 2 , 2014:
Florida – Filing Deadline (Federal & Judicial Candidates)

MAY 5, 2014:
Ohio – Filing Deadline (Independents)

MAY 6, 2014:
Indiana – Primary Election
North Carolina – Primary Election
Ohio – Primary Election

MAY 13, 2014:
Nebraska – Primary Election
West Virginia – Primary Election

MAY 16, 2014:
Washington – Filing Deadline

MAY 20, 2014:
Arkansas – Primary Election
Georgia – Primary Election
Idaho – Primary Election
Kentucky – Primary Election
North Dakota – Filing Deadline (Primary Write-Ins)
Oregon – Primary Election
Pennsylvania – Primary Election

MAY 27, 2014:
Texas – Primary Run-Off Election

MAY 28, 2014:
Arizona – Filing Deadline

MAY 30, 2014:
Wyoming – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)

California – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Colorado – Last Day for State/District Conventions for Primary
Delaware – State Party Nominating Conventions
Utah – DEM Nominating Convention

JUNE 2, 2014:
Alaska – Filing Deadline (Party Candidates)
Kansas – Filing Deadline (Party Candidates)
Montana – Filing Deadline (Minor Parties)
Wisconsin – Filing Deadline
Wyoming – Filing Deadline (Third Parties)

JUNE 3, 2014:
Alabama – Primary Election
California – Primary Election
Hawaii – Filing Deadline
Iowa – Primary Election
Massachusetts – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)
Minnesota – Filing Deadline
Mississippi – Primary Election
Montana – Primary Election
New Jersey – Primary Election
New Mexico – Primary Election
South Dakota – Primary Election

JUNE 10, 2014:
Arkansas – Primary Run-Off Election
Connecticut – Filing Deadline (Major Parties)
Maine – Primary Election
Nevada – Primary Election
North Dakota – Primary Election
South Carolina – Primary Election
Virginia – Primary Elections

JUNE 12, 2014:
Vermont – Filing Deadline

JUNE 13, 2014:
Idaho – Filing Deadline (Write-In Candidates)
New Hampshire – Filing Deadline (Parties)

JUNE 20, 2014:
Florida – Filing Deadline (State Candidates)

JUNE 24, 2014:
Colorado – Primary Election
Maryland – Primary Election
Mississippi – Primary Run-Off Election
New Mexico – Filing Deadline (Third Party, Independents & Write-Ins)
New York – Primary Election
Oklahoma – Primary Election
South Carolina – Primary Election
Utah – Primary Election

JUNE 25, 2014:
Rhode Island – Filing Deadline

Alabama – Filing Deadline (Independents)
Colorado – General Election Filing Deadline (Independent Candidates)
Maine – Filing Deadline (Other Parties & Independents)
New Jersey – Third Party & Independent Filing Deadline
North Carolina – Filing Deadline (Minor Parties & Independents)
Texas – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)
Virginia – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)

JULY 8, 2014:
Delaware – Filing Deadline (D/R)

JULY 15, 2014:
Alabama – Primary Run-Off Election
North Carolina – Primary Run-Off Election

JULY 17, 2014:
Arizona – Primary Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Michigan – Filing Deadline (Independents)

JULY 25, 2014:
Michigan – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins for Primary)

JULY 27, 2014:
Illinois – Filing Deadline for Third Party Candidates

Colorado – General Election Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Indiana – Filing Deadline (Third Parties)
South Carolina – Filing Deadline (Independents)

AUGUST 1, 2014:
Pennsylvania – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)

AUGUST 4, 2014:
Maryland – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)

AUGUST 5, 2014:
Georgia – Primary Run-Off Election
Kansas – Primary Election
Michigan – Primary Election
Missouri – Primary Election
Washington – Primary Election

AUGUST 6, 2014:
Michigan – Filing Deadline (Minor Parties)

AUGUST 7, 2014:
Tennessee – Primary Election

AUGUST 9, 2014:
Hawaii – Primary Election

AUGUST 12, 2014:
Connecticut – Primary Election
Kentucky – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)
Minnesota – Primary Election
Wisconsin – Primary Election

AUGUST 15, 2014:
Iowa – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)

AUGUST 19, 2014:
Wyoming – Primary Election

AUGUST 22, 2014:
Louisiana – Filing Deadline

AUGUST 25, 2014:
Ohio – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Wyoming – Filing Deadline (Independents)

AUGUST 26, 2014:
Alaska – Primary Election
Arizona – Primary Election
Florida – Primary Election
Missouri – Filing Deadline (Other Parties & Independents)
Oklahoma – Primary Run-Off Election
Vermont – Primary Election

Alaska – Filing Deadline (Independents)
Connecticut – Filing Deadline (Independents)
Georgia – Filing Deadline (Minor Parties & Independents)
Kansas – Filing Deadline (Independents)
Massachusetts – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)
New Hampshire – Filing Deadline (Independents)
New York – Filing Deadline (Independents)
North Carolina – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Oregon – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)
South Carolina – Filing Deadline (Other Parties)
Texas – Filing Deadline (Write-In Candidates)
West Virginia – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014:
Delaware – Filing Deadline (Third Parties & Independents)
North Dakota – Filing Deadline (Independents & Third Parties)

SEPTEMBER 6, 2014:
Guam – Primary Election

SEPTEMBER 9, 2014:
Delaware – Primary Election
Massachusetts – Primary Election
New Hampshire – Primary Election
Rhode Island – Primary Election

SEPTEMBER 13, 2014:
US Virgin Islands – Primary Election

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014:
Montana – Filing Deadline (Write-In Candidates)

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014:
Arizona – General Election Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)

Connecticut – Filing Deadline (Third Parties)
Georgia – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Illinois – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Maine – Filing Deadline (General Election Write-Ins)
Nebraska – Filing Deadline (Independents & Third Parties)
New York – Filing Deadline (Third Parties)
West Virginia – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)

OCTOBER 14, 2014:
North Dakota – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)

OCTOBER 24, 2014:
Kentucky – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Michigan – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)
Missouri – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)

OCTOBER 29, 2014:
Maryland – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)

Nebraska – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)

Alaska – Filing Deadline (Write-Ins)

& Louisiana – Congressional Primary Election

DECEMBER 2, 2014:
Georgia – General Run-Off Election (If Needed)

DECEMBER 6, 2014:
Louisiana – Congressional Run-Off Election (If Needed)

JANUARY 3, 2015:
New Congress takes office – Washington, DC


(Before It’s News)




Salaries and benefit package for Congress


(Before It’s News)




Salaries and benefit package for Congress for working 112 days a year (time in session) however, Congressman will tell you these are only days they are on the floor the rest of time excluding vacation they are working behind the scene. 

Time Off is supposedly spent in their district talking to the folks.

Rank-and-File Members: Source
The current salary (2013) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.

·      In a complex system of calculations, administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, congressional pay rates also affect the salaries for federal judges and other senior government executives.

Congress: Leadership Members’ Salary (2013)
Leaders of the House and Senate are paid a higher salary than rank-and-file members.

Senate Leadership
Majority Party Leader – $193,400
Minority Party Leader – $193,400

House Leadership
Speaker of the House – $223,500
Majority Leader – $193,400
Minority Leader – $193,400

A cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increase takes effect annually unless Congress votes to not accept it.

Benefits Paid to Members of Congress

The 1983 amendments to the Social Security Act required federal employees first hired after 1983 to participate in Social Security. These amendments also required all Members of Congress to participate in Social Security as of January 1, 1984, regardless of when they first entered Congress. Because the CSRS was not designed to coordinate with Social Security, Congress directed the development of a new retirement plan for federal workers. The result was the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act of 1986.

Members of Congress receive retirement and health benefits under the same plans available to other federal employees. They become vested after five years of full participation.

Note: Starting in 2014, the only health care coverage made available to members of Congress and their employees by the federal government will be coverage offered through the Health Insurance Exchange created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – the “Obamacare Act.”

Members elected since 1984 are covered by the Federal Employees’ Retirement System(FERS). Those elected prior to 1984 were covered by the Civil Service Retirement System(CSRS). In 1984 all members were given the option of remaining with CSRS or switching to FERS.

As it is for all other federal employees, congressional retirement is funded through taxes and the participants’ contributions. Members of Congress under FERS contribute 1.3 percent of their salary into the FERS retirement plan and pay 6.2 percent of their salary in Social Security taxes.

Members of Congress are not eligible for a pension until they reach the age of 50, but only if they’ve completed 20 years of service. Members are eligible at any age after completing 25 years of service or after they reach the age of 62. Please also note that Members of Congress have to serve at least 5 years to even receive a pension.

The amount of a congressperson’s pension depends on the years of service and the average of the highest 3 years of his or her salary. By law, the starting amount of a Member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final salary.

According to the Congressional Research Service, 413 retired Members of Congress were receiving federal pensions based fully or in part on their congressional service as of Oct. 1, 2006. Of this number, 290 had retired under CSRS and were receiving an average annual pension of $60,972. A total of 123 Members had retired with service under both CSRS and FERS or with service under FERS only. Their average annual pension was $35,952 in 2006.


Members of Congress are also provided with an annual allowance intended to defray expenses related carrying out their congressional duties, including “official office expenses, including staff, mail, travel between a Member’s district or state and Washington, DC, and other goods and services.” [Learn more…]

Outside Income

Many members of Congress retain their private careers and other business interests while they serve. Members are allowed to retain an amount of permissible “outside earned income” limited to no more than 15% of the annual rate of basic pay for level II of the Executive Schedule for federal employees, or $26,550 a year in 2013. However, there is currently no limit on the amount of non-salary income members can retain from their investments, corporate dividends or profits.

House and Senate rules define what sources of “outside earned income” are permissible. For example, House Rule XXV (112th Congress) limits permissible outside income to “salaries, fees, and other amounts received or to be received as compensation for personal services actually rendered.” Members are not allowed to retain compensation arising from fiduciary relationships, except for medical practices. Members are also barred from accepting honoraria – payments for professional services typically provided without charge.

Tax Deductions

Members are allowed to deduct up to $3,000 a year from their federal income tax for living expenses while they are away from their home states or congressional districts.

Also See:



Unemployment Extension Vote Not Worrying House Republicans

Unemployment Extension Vote Not Worrying House Republicans

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Reid, left, plans to bring the bipartisan unemployment benefits extension to the Senate floor soon. In the House, Boehner and his fellow Republicans plan to hold out for more concessions from Democrats.


House Republicans say they feel little political pressure to pass a bipartisan unemployment benefits extension expected to pass the Senate in the coming days, bolstering Speaker John A. Boehner’s hand as he holds out for concessions from Democrats and the White House.

Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., who helped negotiate the bipartisan Senate agreement, said once the his chamber clears the bill, he plans to reach out to House Republican leaders.

“I knew that [House Republicans] would have some issues with it,” Heller said. “It sounds like they want to get something done, in general terms. … Whether it looks like what the Senate passes or not, that is for them to decide.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he plans to bring up the bipartisan benefits extension bill soon, although a final vote could slip into next week.

House Democrats say they will keep pushing once the Senate passes the bill, a Democratic aide said. They plan to work with outside groups to target vulnerable Republican House members in hopes that they will convince Boehner to take up the bill, if only for their political benefit.

“It’s been tough to put pressure on House Republicans while the Senate is still negotiating an agreement,” the aide said. “Once that passes, it’ll be a lot easier to turn up the pressure.”

The problem, however, is that there may not be enough politically vulnerable Republican members who are feeling significant electoral pressure in their districts. Many Republicans simply do not believe long-term unemployment insurance benefits should be extended, and others aren’t convinced the Senate package is the way to go.

“It will encourage unemployment,” said GOP Rep. Devin Nunes of California, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. “We see the need to have unemployment [benefits], no question. But to extend this … I just don’t see how we have the votes.”

So far, Boehner has been cool to the Senate’s proposal. The Ohio Republican told reporters on Tuesday that he would rather see the Senate take up House-passed proposals he believes would create jobs, and cited concerns from the National Association of State Workforce Agencies that the Senate bill would be difficult to implement.

“Let’s just wait and see what happens here,” Boehner said of Senate action. “I’ve made clear what I thought was necessary for us to pass it, those criteria have not been met and those criteria have not changed.”


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  • Avatar

    “It will encourage unemployment,” said GOP Rep. Devin Nunes of California.

    This has got be one of the most ignorant, idiotic statements uttered by a Congressman ever in the history of the USA.

    All of the GOP House members quoted in this issue will vote to send a billion dollars to Ukraine. This money is not being sent to help the Ukrainian people, it is being sent to secure the money of millionaire bankers that have loaned Ukraine money.

    Make no mistake America! The GOP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILIES! In just the past few months, the GOP has thrown the poor, veterans and the unemployed to the wolves. This is TENS OF MILLIONS of Americans that have been told “Let them eat cake!” by Republicans.

    I guess the greatest shock of being abandoned by the GOP in Congress will be among the million or so Republicans that are losing everything because of Boehner’s obstruction. Not only are these Republicans being kicked to the curb by their party leaders, the Tea Party faction of the party now calls THEM moochers and takers regardless of how many decades they may have worked.

    The GOP is a cancer on America and tens of millions of American lives are worse because they have power in Washington. I hope all Americans think about how the GOP will treat you if disaster strikes when you vote in November.

    • Avatar

      Very Well said. 🙂

      • Avatar

        With attitudes like that It’s the unemployed who will be starting the fires. Meanwhile, these partisan politicians will continue to fiddle around and our whole house is going to come crashing down around us.The Arab Spring started because of unemployment, not “freedom.”

      • Avatar

        This job market is the worse since the Great Depression. Each job you see advertised has hundreds of applicants applying for it. Until you’ve experienced being unemployed in this job market, you have no dog in this fight and no room to talk. People are freezing here in New England. Food banks can’t keep up with the demand. Families are losing everything and reduced to living in cars or staying with friends/neighbors or family. This isn’t your average bout of unemployment. Even the state’s job centers are holding classes trying to teach older people how to hide their ages on their resumes so they might at least be offered an interview where they can have the chance to try to “sell” themselves. But prospective employers here in New England aren’t looking for older workers. They want the youngest they can get, at the lowest pay. People who are 62 years of age are now being forced to take social security early in order to have some kind of income. Many, many of them weren’t planning to go on social security until they reached the full age for it. But any money is better than no money at all.

      • Avatar

        Right. So, three months without any income and still no job though sent out 200 + resumes. You’re so out of touch with the REALITY of this situation because you listen to Fox news soundbites and Rush.

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        I just lost my job last year…it could happen to you. I have not been unemployed since 2008.

  • Avatar

    Not one constituent mentioned it to them?Thats because you have to leave the golf course or yacht club to meet them.The constituents inside the country club you are attending do not need the extension.They are crooks and phonies just like yourselves

    • Avatar

      We need to send pleas to all 435 Representatives of the House since they haven’t heard one constituent mention anything…

  • Avatar

    To busy selling the Country out and in other Countries business/resources to think about the American Peoples Real issues. That was partially created by them selling the Country Out through Greed/Corruption. They Bankrupted the American Dollar/People. Politicians you are paid in full let’s grow some Morales for the American People and its Issues. We see you and America is Divided!

  • Avatar

    So they have received no feedback – really? Check out John Boehner’s Facebook page! I will be on Joe Heck’s, Rodney Davis, Scott Rigell, Peter King, and Scott Southerland’s Facebook pages today! I encourage everyone to give them “feedback”! Because they are afraid of Boehner and do not face re-election they are letting their state suffer. All of them have higher unemployment rates as well – that tell you the story about working on job creation is a crock – they are do nothing followers lead around by the nose and afraid to stand up for what is right! These are not the qualities we need in leadership – they are showing themselves for what they really are! Here is some feedback guys “RENEW UI NOW!” And check the polls – 90% are in favor!

  • Avatar

    Why has this become a matter of electoral votes. We need to clean house, we the people have the right to disband any and all members of the government and start a new. I am a USAF veteran with no job in “America” and my “leaders” could not give a sh#$.

    • Avatar

      I am a USAF veteran also. No help from anyone. Getting ready to be homeless. Can only get part-time work. That unemployment helped me keep a roof over my head!!

  • Avatar

    “It will encourage unemployment”. What an idiot. Does he realize that most people are ashamed to be unemployed. I have been out of work since June 2013. I have registered with 6 employment agencies and send out resumes every day. I have 27 years of accounting experience and cannot find a job. Thank God my husband works. My electricity is being shut off tomorrow, because I do not have $295.00 to pay it. I bet GOP Rep Devin Nunes has never had to worry about things like that. OMG !!!

  • Avatar

    Talk about dysfunction! What jobs are we “training” for I ask? Create the damn jobs first. Who in the hell is running this funny farm? And Boehner has the nerve to say, “Wait and see.” Wow, tell that to the children of the unemployed when they’re hungry, going without proper clothing, hygiene, lunch money or school trip money. What is this country becoming? Tell that to our lenders and landlords. Oh, just wait and see, please. No, get something done about the lack of jobs in this country and the rest will fall in place. We have many eager Americans just waiting for an opportunity to get back to some kind of normal life. We have to unnecessarily endure this treatment after many years of loyal patriotism to our country and hard work for our livelihood and that of our family. These jokers have the audacity to tell us to wait and see. January, February, March and now April fast approaching (with yet another break scheduled) isn’t a long enough wait? Here’s a question. How long does our government need to create real jobs for us patiently “waiting and seeing” American smucks? We have reached out to representatives of both the House and Senate; how much clearer do we need to be? WE NEED HELP. Is that clear enough for ya?

  • Avatar

    How can the House Republicans so blithely ignore the plight of over 2million Americans? Of that number hundreds of thousands of Veterans including many sent off to war by some of the same Republicans.

    It’s shameful. That the Republicans use the lie of the debt that THEY created and so religiously maintain to hurt millions.

    Yes our debt is a lie. Raise taxes back to Clinton era levels and the debt will dissapear.
    The Republican create debt when they cut taxes. They do it to manipulate the American people into dismantling their own government.

    The political elite on the right want a laissez faire economic climate where the federal government has no power to regulate commerce.

    Conservatives hate the EPA because it enforces “job killing” regulation that protects our air, water and land.

    • Avatar

      It really is disgusting, they only think of themselves, I mean, yeah, this is not like it was 3 years ago with more than 5 million out of work but it’s still over 2 million, almost 3 million by the end of April, how can they not pass the extension!

        • Avatar

          Okay, Marcus — you can stop trolling now.
          Everyone knows the GOP bankrupted America with their greed/corporate welfare/wars started with lies. So, continue to troll your disparaging remarks. No one cares what you have to say.

      • Avatar

        Then answer me this is. It their responsibility to provide for the people of the Ukraine? It is their obligation as elected officials to take care of the ones who elected them into the office they hold and it will be us two million and counting that will not elect them back in.

      • Avatar

        And that is the basic philosophical difference between the right and the rest of America. I and millions of us do believe that it is the Government’s responsibility to provide a basic level. To make living in this great country fair and as equitable as possible. To protect people from the abuses of the rich and powerful.

          • Avatar

            you don’t know me. You have no idea what I can or cannot do. Clearly you’re an idiot. “The rich and powerful don’t abuse” That’s an idiotic thing to say. Google “poison water west virginia” you will see just how the rich would like to treat OUR resources.

          • Avatar

            Being on unemployment doesn’t make someone a moocher. There are almost 3 million long term unemployed in our country. Most of them do need help.
            I am a registered Republican, I have worked since I was 16, and I put myself through college. I was laid off in June from a company I work for over 10 years. It took me almost 9 months to find a job, and that was taking a huge pay cut. Our economy is not bursting with jobs.
            I find your lack of compassion and empathy sad. You must be a very lonely and miserable person.

          • Avatar

            The rich and powerful send our jobs to Mexico for cheaper labor,so they can get more profit!We lost our jobs because of this,lazy you say,you dont have a clue,ignorant mentalities just dont get it.Also,we have thousands of unemployed veterans that were in Iran,Afganistan…in war,keeping us safe,including The congress and House.

          • Avatar

            Again — so out of touch — the long term unemployed have used savings and 401(k)’s (heavy penalties for early withdrawal). No one knew they’d be out of work before retirement. If the GOP weren’t so busy selling out American workers, we’d still be working. The rich and powerful are the ONLY ones that abuse.

          • Avatar

            Huh!! I am a veteran..cannot get a full-time job. Don’t tell me I am not responsible. These companies do not want to hire older workers. Plus they only want to hire part-time. Don’t talk about people that have served your country!!

      • Avatar

        If that’s true what do you make of medicaid, food stamps and temporary assistance? Do you just spurt things out of that hole of yours without any forethought?

        • Avatar

          That guy James is obnoxious! Thats what I don’t understand..for help they tell us to go get food stamps or welfare huh? So people who paid taxes don’t get help but the people who didn’t do.

          • Avatar

            I find him rude and ignorant! But, maybe we should feel sorry for him, with that attitude he probably doesn’t have many friends.
            if you are one of the unemployed, I wish you luck. Hang in there! It took me 9 months, but I did find a job.

        • Avatar

          Yep. James is frustrated because he lives in his parents’ basement so he has to make disparaging remarks and kick people when they are down. Pay him no mind.

  • Avatar

    How many of the unemployed are over 55, disabled and are veterans. How many employers hire illegal aliens.I can post a million things but bottom line is this we the people of the united states of America are screwed over daily by elected official’s. We can write all we want, until we do something to show them we are tired of there crap they will continue to make us 2nd class citizens and continue to do what they dam well please.

  • Avatar

    SO the only thing these morons care about is political pressure? If it will effect their re-election or not??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! People are SUFFERING in THIS country and they want to turn this into a party pissing match??? I hate this government. I really do. They can pass a multi-billion dollar aid package to Ukraine, but when it comes to helping their own citizens.. “oh its too difficult”. Every single one of the scum who oppose this should be impeached.

    • Avatar

      It makes me sick to my stomach how they act. I’m utterly disgusted with the way these people handled this situation. In my opinion we should stop them from giving themselves raises and fire the undesirables starting with Boehner.

  • Avatar

    Hey republican’s, how do you feel about your party now?.. I see a democratic congress in Jan..Will be a pleasure to say adios to Boehner and his cronies….

  • Avatar

    I got my first job interview tomorrow by phone if I get hired I don’t know if have enough money to get the my benefits ran out last month it just my wife bringing in a little each week. I been putting out resumes every day since I was layoff in August 2013. I got one call back they call me twice this week so the job looks promising just got borrow money to get back and forth. These congressman have got to realize it takes longer the 26 weeks in this economy and job market. Its a shame we vote this ppl in to serve the ppl of the United States and when we need them the most they turn there backs. John Boehner is a disgrace.